Seat Tillett T8 Blue Soft Rigidity

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Seat Tillett T8 Blue Soft Rigidity

The T8 is the most popular seat made by Tillett Racing Seats. The shape of the T8 is very similar to that of the T7; both have the same 63 degree driving angle and the same excellent comfort and depth. The only difference is that the T8 is slightly smaller at the top and slightly bigger at the bottom.

The T8 was the first kart seat to be made using the RTM production method. This process allows for strong fibreglass seats, with uniform quality and thickness, to be produced relatively quickly keeping the price very competetive. There are two rigidity options Standard and Soft.

Available Sizes:

C (Cadet) = 250 mm, XS = 270 mm, S = 295 mm, MS = 305 mm, ML = 320 mm, L = 340 mm, XL = 350 mm

Weight: 1.6 Kg

Measured accross narrowest (midriff) part of the seatTillett Seat Size Chart

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