Battery Motobatt Pro Lithium 12V CCA 165A

Price: AUD $203.95 inc GST
  • The safest most stable chemistry available, utilizing Dynamic cell balancing to maximize cranking power
  • Durable with up to 3 times the life, no sulfation issues and low self discharge rate
  • Super Light weight to provide you the competitive edge


  • Dynamic Cell Balancer optimizes each cell voltage to maximum
  • Over Charge Protection-Prevents the machine or charger from overcharging the battery - Cut off at 15.4V
  • Under Discharge Protection-Prevents the battery being over discharged to premature failure - Cut off at 8v
  • Thermal Protection-Temperature sensor shuts down before dangerous temperatures can occur - Cut off at 75 deg. C
  • Reactivate from shutdown with Motobatt PDCFB Charger or any charger which will start from 0 Volts


  • Voltage: 13.2 V
  • CCA @ 18 deg C: 165 A
  • Capacity: 2.2 Ah
  • Weight: 0.53 Kg
  • Dimensions: 114 x 70 x 107 mm