TrackFresh Helmet Air Blower System

Price: AUD $499.00 inc GST

Track Fresh, who are the manufacturers of protection equipment against Carbon Monoxide poisoning, are dedicated in providing the best protection against carbon monoxide poisoning that can occur during a racing event. This protection is provided at an affordable price allowing drivers from Club level racers up to GT and Supercars to be protected from this unseen hazard.

The TF-1 uses a 12VDC blower with a 3" inlet and should be installed with a 3" NACA duct connection. Most drivers use a side window to mount the NACA duct while mounting the blower on a cross member of the roll cage so that the unit is surrounded by ambient air and not in direct contact with a heat source. The unit should be mounted as close as possible to the driver in order to reduce air flow losses due to excessive hose lengths.

  • Flow Rate: 15-25 CFM
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs [ .6 Kilos ]
  • Length : 14" [ 36cm ]
  • Diameter: 4" [ 11cm ]
  • Power: 12VDC @ 4 AMPS
  • Inlet: 75mm or 3"
  • Outlet: 25mm or 1"
  • Inlet & Outlet hoses Required

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