SPA FireSense 2.25 Lt. AFFF Alloy Fire Extinguisher System Mechanical

Price: AUD $1,179.00 inc GST

The FireSense 2.25 litre mechanical fire extinguisher system is a lightweight and compact system, using AR-AFFF suppressant.

This system is ideal for weight saving without compromising on performance. Suitable for single seater race cars.

Includes everything required to install

The system uses 4 nozzles to disperse the AFFF foam, two for use in the engine bay and two for the cockpit.

Kit includes:

2.25 Litre Lightweight Alloy Bottle
2 x Mounting Bracket and Straps
2 x Pull Cables
4 x Discharge Nozzles
5.5m of Tubing
Tube Connectors
Instruction Manual

Dimensions: Length (Inc Head): 375.5 mm, Diameter 127 mm

Cylinder Weight: 3.70 kg

Installation Kit Weight: 1.00 kg