SPA FireSense 3.00 Litre Extinguisher System Alloy Electrical

Price: AUD $1,525.00 inc GST
  • The new FireSense 3.0lt Alloy Electrical-Automatic fire system is the first designed, tested and manufactured utilising a Fluorine-free foam, 100% environmentally friendly water-based foam that has been approved by the FIA.
  • Extremely easy installation using 8mm pipework throughout the system with only 2 nozzles for the engine bay and 2 nozzles for the cockpit.
  • Unique to FireSense is the Auto Activation Firing Head which features an automatic trigger function. Should internal temperatures of the cabin rapidly rise to extreme the system will automatically trigger.
  • The system also features a built-in pressure release valve should the cylinder reach critical pressure due to a fire event.
  • These new extinguishers can be used in countries where traditional AFFF foams have been banned.

Kit includes:

3 Litre Aluminium Bottle
Mounting Bracket and Straps
Power Pack
Plug and Cable Assemblies
Cockpit Switch
Waterproof External Switch
Tube Connectors
Instruction Manual

Dimensions: Length 264mm, Diameter 152mm, Diameter inc Firing Head 208mm

Cylinder Weight: 4.44kg

Installation Kit Weight: 1.20kg

FIA Technical list 16 approved - FIA Homologation Number EX.066.22