SPA FireSense 4.00 Litre AFFF Extinguisher System Alloy Electrical

Price: AUD $1,349.00 inc GST
  • The SPA Design "FireSense" Extinguisher Systems are specifically designed for use in competition vehicles and offer the latest in on board fire suppression technology.
  • Utilizing SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) these non-toxic ozone friendly systems give the competitor the same level of protection whether driving Formula 1 or Club Racing.
  • Electrical 4 Litre Multi-Flo AFFF Alloy Bottle Systems are designed specifically for use in closed cockpit cars i.e. Saloon, Rally and Sports cars.
  • They give an even two-litre split between engine and cockpit compartments from a single chamber bottle.
  • MFE400A are FIA approved alloy bottle suppression systems that now offer the competitor a cost effective alternative while still giving all the performance of the more expensive carbon fibre bottle fire systems.
  • The MFE400A fire extinguisher system has been rigorously tested in conjunction with the BSI and MSA and fully conform to the latest FIA regulations for competition vehicles.
  • This Kit comes complete with the following components:(1) 4.00 Litre Alloy Bottle, (1) Bottle Cradle with straps, (6) Nozzles, (5) Tee Joiners, (15 ft) Decabon Tubing, (1) Power Pack, (1) Cockpit Switch, (1) External Switch,  Charged to 8 Bar.

MFE400A Diagram