Seat Sparco QRT PRO 2000 Black

Price: AUD $1,179.00 inc GST
  • Movable lumbar cushions for tailored support and comfort
  • Deep sides and low seat cushion keep the legs inside
  • Non-slip fabric for shoulder and seat restraint
  • Lateral kidney supports
  • This seat is fitted with both side and bottom mountings
  • Compatible with all types of Forward Head Restraints and harnesses
  • QRT Ultralight fiberglass composite shell
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Homologation: FIA 8855-1999

What is QRT?

QRT (Quick Resin Technology) is a state of the art manufacturing process developed by Sparco to create the lightest and most resilient fibreglass shell seats currently available. The QRT range of seats offer a 30% reduction in weight, compared to a fibreglass seat manufactured using traditional methods, without compromise to safety or quality.

QRT manufacturing process allows a seat to be of similar weight to a carbon fibre seat but at fibreglass cost. Non slip fabric is used on the base cushion and on the shoulders to increase body retention and a low profile, single piece cushion provides increased safety by keeping the legs inside the seat shell.